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Traveling offers several physical and emotional benefits, including allowing you to come out of your shell by embracing new experiences and encountering people of different backgrounds, which actually allows you to learn more about yourself. Traveling also can give you the escape you crave from your day-to-day routine, thus enabling you to reduce stress and finally enjoy your life in an entirely new and enriching way.

This is exactly why Tauck Tours exist, and it is why these tours remain in-demand throughout the world. Pavlus Travel offers Tauck Tours to several locations, including Europe and, specifically, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, and Ireland. You may also opt to take a Tauck Tour to the USA, Canada, Cuba, Asia, or Africa.

Some of what makes Europe so appealing to travelers across the globe is its fine dining, art, and awe-inspiring architecture. When visiting Italy, you can take advantage to get a real taste of this classic country by experiencing the beauty of Rome, Pompeii, and even the Amalfi Coast. Spain will greet you with an exciting flamenco performance, a tour through the Museo del Prado in Madrid, and a Seville horse-drawn carriage ride. You can even choose to step onto Irish soil for a week, where you can indulge in delectable Irish cuisine, feel like a celebrity at some of the finest hotels on the Emerald Isle, and find out firsthand why Dublin is the countryís most famous city.

Through Tauck Tours, you may additionally explore Oregonís wine country in the United States and embark on an outdoor adventure in the Canadian Rockies. The opportunity to cruise the Zambezi River while the sun is setting in South Africa and to step foot onto the Australian Outback can also make your wildest travel dreams a reality. With the help of Pavlus Travel, the world can be your oyster.

Tauck Brochures

  • Europe


    Craigs personal recommendation for any complete European Tour that one may dream about. First class dining, so many excursions, outstanding hotels. Tauck is the best in my book.

  • European River Cruising

    European River Cruising

    They say that getting there is half the fun - and this has never been more true than when you travel with Tauck River cruises! If you've always wanted to explore Europe there is no better way than on a Tauck River cruise ship, which gets you to where you want to go but offers so much more - relaxed and carefree sight-seeing, with knowledgeable and professional travel specialists that are always there to answer your questions along the way.

  • Exotics


    (Africa, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, Latin America, Middle East) From exploration of Chile, Argentina and Brazil to Taucks private tented camp in Africa to visits to exclusive Hayman Island and Hong Kong, Tauck opens up a new world of exotic adventures.

  • USA & Canada

    USA & Canada

    Pick your passion among Taucks diverse USA tours. Tauck is considered to be the best vacation provider for tours focusing on Canada. If its Canada then Tauck is your only choice.

  • Tauck Small Ship Cruising

    Tauck Small Ship Cruising

    Tauck has amassed an amazing program of small ship sailing throughout the world in absolute luxury of the Tauck style. Cruises are inspirational as well as educational all in Tauck style.

  • Tauck Bridges - Family Travel

    Tauck Bridges - Family Travel

    Tauck Bridges family travel adventures are designed to delight every member of the family, from school-age children to grandparents. Our carefully crafted journeys combine the joy of seeing, doing and learning as a family for just plain family fun.

  • Culturious


    Guided travel that takes intimate groups of like-minded people on adventures that deeply engage in the cultures. Its an experience thats hands-on, totally immersive, physically active & above all, fun.

  • Earth Journeys

    Earth Journeys

    From frozen worlds to tropical jungles, shallow seas to African plains, our planet is filled with unforgettable adventures in magical natural realms. Tauck and BBC Earth take you on journeys to discover what inspires the worlds greatest nature filmmakers - a backstage pass to experience, in person, places, people, animals and stories relating to the BBCs landmark natural history series.

  • Tauck Cuba

    Tauck Cuba

    Interact directly with Cubans about culture, the arts, education, agriculture and more on our 8-day Cuba travel experience featuring People-to-People educational exchange and six nights in Havana.

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